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Permanent Makeup and Fine Line Tattoo Studio

14 W College Ave
Westerville, Ohio 43081

Eye Brow Services

Hyperrealism Brows to replicate the look of real brow hair for a more natural look or Powder Brows if you like the look of powder-filled makeup! Whatever look you are after long term, there are options! 

Tooth Gems

A fun accessory without it being permanent! Tooh gems consist of Swarovski crystals, gold/silver shapes or even opals! They are placed with dental grade composite and can be removed at any time!
Fine line/small tattoos are simple yet meaningful. Creating a memory while hearing the story behind each tattoo is a passion of mine. I am here to connect with you, while also giving you something you will cherish for a lifetime with a delicate fine line that will age with you! 

Fine Line/TinyTattoos



Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation

Color Correction of tattooed eyebrows

Color Corrections

Eyeliner that stays in place! Whether you want just a subtle eyelash enhancement of the lash line, or full eyeliner, there are options for you!
Replicating the look of a hair follicle for those who are bald, balding or need density added to their thinning hair line. Whether you want to rock a shaved head, or add density to your hair line, it can be achieved through scalp pigmentation.
Color Corrections of old cosmetic tattooing to bring the brows or liner back to their original color!

“Sydney did my lower eye liner application and did a fantastic job!  She was very gentle, numbed me up very well & was very precise.  I am extremely happy with the results.  I would highly recommend her."

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